More passengers are joining Lyft, therefore more drivers will be needed. Lyft wants their drivers to be satisfied and they show this by providing perks for reaching milestones, giving bonuses, and allowing passenger tipping. Lyft is a rideshare company. It is a transportation platform that connects passengers with drivers. The company designs, markets, and operates a mobile application that matches drivers with passengers, and also allow payment through the app. It also allows riders to schedule rides up to seven days in advance. Rideshare services such as Lyft can drop you off your destination either from Adelaide to Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia. Just notify your driver with information of your location and destination. You can take cheap flight to India after a drop off by your Lyft driver. Below are three reasons to become a lyft driver.

Tipping Option:

Unlike Uber, Lyft allows passengers to tip within lyft application. Though tipping is also allowed in uber platforms, there is no option to tip inside the Uber application. Lyft allows drivers to get some extra cash after a drive. You will also get 100% the tip you make; you also get money as tip that is a lot more than many drivers receive driving for Uber. And honestly, you don’t need to do anything special to earn such tips. You don’t need to offer any water or candy, or help anyone carry their luggage. With just a little friendliness you tend to get more tips. So make sure to be friendly with your Lyft passengers it might be rewarding

Bigger Sign-up Bonus:

Lyft doesn’t publish a list of sign-up bonuses any more but if you want to know the bonus ahead, just send a message directly to Lyft. The bonuses in many cities are up to $500 dollars right now some are even up to $750 – $1000. These vary by city, these depend on the amount of trip you cover. Lyft bonuses are higher than that of Uber. Lyft also offer universal power driver bonus to all its drivers. if you meet the requirements. You have the opportunity to receive 20% more of your earnings. Let’s say you earn $1000 dollars in a week and meet the power driver bonus. That means that week you will receive an extra $200 making your weekly total $1,200. You also get paid immediately.

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Lyft is less Busy:

Once you are starting out, going at a slower pace is much better. If you start out with uber, you may start receiving request back to back. Lyft has smaller user base, but it is growing. The jobs will come at a more relax pace. This gives you chance to take breaks between rides. In lyft you get to decide when to work, you also get to take a week off. Once you have worked out issues with pick up/drop off process, then you can move up to most fast paced world of Uber or driving for both. You have to keep your rating above 4.6 to remain active. On lyft, your last 100 rides count towards your rating, older ratings are forgotten. At the end of the day, is all about doing what is best for you. Once you have worked out things, most drivers seem to prefer running both apps to maximize their earning. But for beginners, it is of benefits to sign up with Lyft, and for Uber later. If your goal is extra income, then sign up with Lyft. Give them a try.

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