How much you can earn as a Lyft driver in Toronto, ON Canada?

Lyft’s Driver Estimated Earnings in Canada

How much money can Lyft drivers make in Toronto, Ottawa Canada (full time or Part time)?

If you are planning to join Lyft as a driver in Canada; you might have question in your mind that How much do Lyft drivers make in Canada? Well to be honest there is no exact number to predict. Because when talk about Lyft earnings there are many things involve; for instance time when you drive, your car / vehicle, the area you will drive mostly, no of hours you commit and if you are also earning referral bonus etc.

Moreover being as a Lyft driver in Toronto; in my experience I think with Lyft I earn slightly less than Uber. As mentioned at TRS Blog in article about how much Uber make in Toronto? According to them Uber drivers make $20 to $30 in City of Toronto. Therefore in my opinion Lyft drivers can also make same amount in Greater Toronto Area.

Furthermore don’t forget that there are many factors that can make huge difference in your Lyft earnings. For example if you are getting any of these bonuses or perks; such as Lyft streak bonus, Lyft prime time and Lyft power zones; then there will be additional bonus amount in your weekly earnings. So in order to make sure that you make more money; try to driver during active Lyft streak bonus, prime time and power zones times.

How much you can make as a Lyft driver in Toronto, Canada?

Let’s discuss how much you can make weekly with Lyft in Toronto. I will try to explain type of Lyft earning or bonus and how you can maximize your Lyft earnings and make more money with Lyft while driving in Toronto.

Lyft’s Driver Weekly Earnings in Canada
Lyft’s Driver Weekly Earnings in Canada

You can see above Lyft’s weekly earnings report; according to this weekly report that particular Lyft driver from Toronto make $631.82 including HST; from 5 Feb and 11 Feb 2018.

Moreover he completed total of 28 rides and spend 18 hours and 35 min online.

How much full time Lyft drivers make in Toronto?

In fact many Lyft drivers are now working full time in City of Toronto or Ottawa. There are plenty of Lyft rides during week days; however weekend nights are busier and Lyft drivers generate most of their income from weekend’s nights. Therefore few weekdays along with weekend’s nights; you are good toward your ultimate Lyft’s earning target.

Moreover if you want to be full time driver then on weekdays there is lot of rides during rush hours. Most of rides are from daily commuters; also people often go for appointments in early hours. The ride demand will slow down around 10 am. Again there will be more demand around 4 pm till 7 pm.

Lyft Daily ride history
Lyft Weekly Ride History

If we look at the Daily ride history of that particular driver from Toronto; He didn’t work on Tuesday; and Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday he had taken only 10 trips. On the other hand Friday and Saturday night; he completed total 20 trips.

How much you can earn as a part time Lyft driver in Canada?

If you have other job or you are small business owner; and interested in to drive with Lyft as a part time driver. Well that’s not a bad idea; you can still make good money if you just work on weekends.

Basically all rideshare driver get more rides during weekend or weekend nights. In fact overall Lyft driver’s make most of their earnings on weekends.

To estimate a number; let’s say you can easily make $500 on Friday & Saturday night.

But just beware of Lyft promotions in Canada for drivers. You could earn these bonuses during weekends; such as Streak bonus, prime time and power zones.

If you look at the total weekly earnings of $618; he made $466 during Friday and Saturday.

Moreover your Lyft’s weekly report contains following things:

  • Earnings

  • Prime Time

  • Tips

  • Cancelation Earnings

  • Driver Referral

  • Passenger Referral

  • Tolls

  • HST Collected

  • HST on Bonuses

In conclusion I would say you might have an idea now that how much you will make as a Lyft driver. You have option to work either full time or part time.

Moreover there are various types of earnings in Lyft weekly report; make sure you earn from each. Driver in prime time hours; refer new driver and passengers etc. So you can make maximum possible amount.

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