Lyft AMP Bonus

Lyft AMP Bonus in Toronto Canada

Pair AMP, Driver and Earn More

Besides lot of Lyft perks for drivers; such as prime time, referral bonus and Lyft promo code; you can also earn $1 per ride bonus or $5 bonus per 10 amp rides in Toronto with Lyft AMP bonus. All you have to do is to get your AMP from Lyft office in Toronto, pair it with your phone and accept rides while AMP is on and displayed.

Top Lyft drivers in Toronto GTA are getting email from Lyft about AMP bonus;

Lyft AMP Bonus


We want to reward our top drivers with a special bonus of $1 per ride when your Amp is displayed and paired. Moreover it will make easier for you to pick up rider; the Amp also helps drivers earn more tips by creating a better experience. Now, Lyft will reward you too for each pickup that you do when your amp is paired.

Basically with Lyft AMP reward; Lyft is rewarding top drivers with little bit extra bonus per ride. Although it’s not big amount bonus; however along with other Lyft promotions such as streak Bonus, prime time, passenger referral and new driver signup bonus you can earn decent amount.

You can learn more about how much you can make as Lyft driver in Toronto and Lyft promotions for driver to make extra money.


What you need to earn AMP bonus:

  • Get Lyft AMP & AMP requirement
  • Drive with Lyft AMP
  • Driver during promotion period

Get Lyft AMP & AMP Requirement for Toronto Drivers:

First of all you need Lyft AMP device; if you don’t have one you can visit Lyft office in Toronto and get one. However not all drivers are eligible to get AMP device. In order to qualify for AMP device you must complete 100 plus Lyft rides and your rating must be more than 4.7.

lyft office

If you have completed the ride requirements and have 4.7 plus rating; please visit Lyft office at 42 Hayden Street and pick you AMP device.

Driver with Paired AMP Device:

Once you have your AMP device; next step is to pair it with you cell phone. The setup is easy and simple just open your Bluetooth connection and it will detect the AMP. You will also see in Lyft App that AMP is paired. Moreover once AMP is connected; it will greet you by say hello your name.

lyft amp bonus


AMP Promotion Period and Terms:

Be note that AMP reward is not always available; moreover it’s not for all Lyft drivers. Lyft send notification to Top eligible drivers about AMP promotion; bonus amount and time period is mentioned in notification.

lyft amp bonus terms


For instance there is AMP bonus when you driver between 22 Apr 2019 and 29 Apr 2019; from 5 am to 4:59 am. You could earn $5 AMP bonus per 10 rides.

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