How much Lyft ride will cost you in Toronto Canada?

How much Lyft ride will cost you in Toronto Canada?

You might be thinking that how much you will pay for the Lyft’s ride? Well first of all it is not expensive and most importantly you will pay less than taxi’s fare. In fact 6 to 7 km ride within 15 to 20 min time-frame; you will be charged approximately 15 to 16 $. But if you apply Lyft promo code Canada then it will be $10 to $12; because you will be getting $5 off per ride promotion.

Furthermore if you have no problem in requesting shared ride; then you probably will pay only $5 for similar ride. Lyft’s shared is the cheapest ride option in Toronto GTA. You will get matched with more passengers going toward same destination.

If 5 or more up to 6 passengers want to travel in group then you need to request Lyft XL ride. In Lyft XL you get more seating capacity; but you pay more fare. Therefore above mentioned similar ride will cost you around $25.

Lyft Fare Pricing Toronto

For instance if you need a ride in downtown Toronto; let’s say you are heading toward Casa Loma from Union station. It cost you between $12-15 during no surge or prime time; the distance is 5.4 km and it will take approximately 20 min. It is simple Lyft ride cost. Moreover you can save 3 to 4 $ if you request Lyft shared ride; also you can save $5 off per ride with Lyft promo code.

Lyft Fare Estimate Toronto

Here is the Lyft pricing in Toronto:

Simple Lyft Ride Fare:

So for simple Lyft ride base fare is $2.50 and there is $2.75 service fee; and then you are going to pay for distance and time. Lyft charge $0.18 per minute and $0.81 per kilometer.

Lyft Fare Pricing Toronto

Let’s apply there number to above mentioned ride. So from Union station to Casa Loma:

Simple LYFT Ride Cost in Toronto

Base Fare + Service Fee + Time + Distance = Total Fare

$2.50 + $2.75 + $3.6 (20×0.18=$3.6) + $4.37 (5.4KM x $0.81= $4.37) = $13.22


Lyft XL Ride Pricing Toronto:

Similarly if you a Lyft XL ride in which you have more seating capacity; maximum up to six people can sit in XL. For similar ride from union station to casa loma you will pay around $24 to $28. As you can see you are paying for almost 2 simple Lyft ride’s fare.

Lyft XL Ride Pricing Toronto

Lyft XL Fare:

Lest see why XL is more expensive? It is because there is huge difference in base fare, service fee and distance and time cost. The base fare is $5 and service fee is $3; cost per minute is $0.35 and cost per km is $1.55.

LYFT XL Ride Pricing in Toronto

Base Fare + Service Fee + Time + Distance = Total Fare

$5 + $3+ $7 (20×0.35=$7) + $8.37 (5.4KM x $1.55= $8.37) = $23.37


Lyft LUX, LUX Black and LUX Black XL fare:

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