Lyft Passenger Referral Bonus

Lyft Passenger Referral Bonus in Canada 

How to Refer New Passenger to Lyft & Earn Lyft Passenger Referral Bonus?

Lyft Passenger Referral Bonus in Toronto, Ottawa Canada

In fact working as a Lyft driver is great opportunity; however there are many other ways that you can make money without driving. For instance with Lyft driver referral bonus you can earn decent amount of money just referring new drivers toward Lyft. Similarly you can earn $10 to $20 Lyft passenger referral bonus when you refer someone to join Lyft as a rider.

It doesn’t matter either you are a Lyft driver or rider; any new signup with your Lyft referral promo code and you will get rider referral bonus.

Claim Your Lyft Passenger Referral Bonus Canada

$20 free credit for New Signup in Toronto, Ottawa Canada


Additionally not only you will get bonus but also new rider will receive $20 credit. Therefore make more referral and earn more bonuses. Although it is not huge amount of bonus but still you can increase your earnings with Lyft passenger referral bonus.

We will discuss how you can refer someone to join Lyft and earn rider referral bonus. In order to refer someone consider the following points:

  • Create Custom Referral Codes
  • Make Links & URL with Custom Codes
  • Share Your Referral Codes
  • Track your Referral Earnings

Lyft Passenger Referral Custom Promo Codes:

Once you become approved on Lyft platform, you can have your own referral code. In the beginning Lyft will give you alphanumeric referral code. This code may consist of your name and number blend. But to be honest sometime it’s hard to refer with default promo code. Probably it’s too long or it’s hard to pronounce etc.

For this reason it is smarter move to make new custom codes, so it will be easy to pronounce and memorize. Get some enganing and appealing words in your referral promo codes. As an example I have made custom codes for Canada, “OTTAWA300”, “TORONTOCN”, “PROMO120” and “TORONTODRIVER500”.

Moreover it is obvious in my referral codes, I have included city name. For instance, for passenger referral in Toronto, I have made Lyft passenger referral code “TORONTOCN”.

How to Make Custom Promo Codes?

You will make custom code in Passenger Referrals section by logging in to your dashboard. Additionally you can utilize same referral code to refer new riders and drivers.

Coming back to creating custom codes, follow the simple steps to make your custom code. First login to your Lyft account; next you will tap/click on “Passenger Referrals”, type your code in little clear space and click on create. Your code will be made and you can see them in “All Codes” tab.

Make Url and Links with your own codes:

Once you have your own code the next step is to make a link or clickable link. Blow is an example of promo code and how you can make your own.

To make clickable promo code, For example you want to create in following style:

Style 1: Lyft Promo Code: TORONTOCN | LYFTOTTAWA500

Use the below given code and replace text yourcodehere with your referral code.

<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Your Promo Code</a>

<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>TORONROCN</a>

Style 2: Simple link or web address link

Share Your Lyft Promo or Referral Codes

First of all you can start sharing your passenger referral code among your family and friends. Perhaps you know lot of your friends use rideshare on daily basis; you can tell them if they didn’t join Lyft yet the will get $20 bonus.

Hence both of you will get bonus from Lyft, that’s win win situation for everyone. Besides you can use other methods to get more referral.

In fact social media could be your best choice to share your Lyft prom code. Besides you can likewise share your promo code at Instagram, Facebook and Google+ etc.

Additionally you can crate page on Facebook and can have your codes there. Moreover if you have editing skills you can have your prom code at youtube. Hence all these social profiles will give colossal presentation and ideally you will get referral from that point.

Also, in the event that you got little to basic essential skills of website designing (WORDPRESS), you can have your own blog or site. In addition you can share you code, you can discuss different things over there etc.

If you are interested to start your own blog; we have special deal for you. Literally you can have your own private website or blog just in $30 CAD ($23USD). Moreover you can have free .com domain, chose your website name, simple steps to setup and start. iPage is offering free domain, site builder and more

Track your Referral Earnings

Once you have done everything, created codes, links and shared to social networks. The next step is to track your Lyft passenger referral. In fact you can view complete weekly report; moreover how many riders use your code to join Lyft, which code they use and referral bonus total amount.

However you will see lot of riders applied your promo code but not activated yet. It is because you will only get bonus, once they request their first ride.

No of application means how many riders used your code to signup; and no of activation refers to no people who have requested their first ride. Therefore you will get bonus on No of Activation accounts.


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