Lyft Prime Time in Canada, Driving in active Prime Time will maximize your earnings.

What is Lyft Prime Time?

Make more money with Lyft Prime Time and maximize your earnings.

In order to understand Lyft prime time; refer to basic rule of economic that supply and demand determines the price of service or product. Moreover when demand increase, price and quantity also increase. Similarly when many passengers request rides and fewer drivers are available on streets. Hence Lyft start prime time pricing because demand has increased; in simple words Lyft prime time is practice to charge riders more fare because of low supply or high demand.

Lyft Prime Time

However sometimes there isn’t high demand but low supply it will also cause high fare prices. For instance demand remains normal; but only 2 or 3 drivers in area.

During Lyft Prime Time: Passengers pay more than normal fare & Drivers earn extra fare

Demand Increased & Supply Decreased = Higher Prices

More Rides Demand & Fewer Drivers = Lyft Prime Time

Hence drivers can increase their earnings while driving during Lyft Prime time hours. Furthermore together with Lyft promotions such as Lyft driver referral bonus, passenger referral bonus, Lyft streak bonus, weekly ride challenge and weekly guaranteed driver can make significant difference in their earnings.

However it is important to understand how Lyft prime time works and then driver accordingly:

  • When Lyft Prime Time Start?
  • What happen during Lyft Prime Time?
  • Identify & make more with Lyft Prime Time
  • Lyft fare calculation with prime time rate
  • Lyft prime time Areas in Toronto GTA

When Lyft Prime Time Start?

As we know Lyft charge more fare when there is more ride demand or less drivers on roads. Although prime time is not always active; moreover it is not necessary that there will be prime time in the whole city. In fact prime time or Lyft surge can be active in any part of city.

lyft prime time during bad weather lyft prime time during rain weather

Active Lyft Prime Time in Toronto Due to Thunderstorm!

Usually during peak hours you might see active prime time. Furthermore there is high chance to get prime time during weekend’s nights. Besides busy hours during rain or snow season when weather is worst you will also get prime time. Hence driver during these hours and you can make extra fare with Lyft prime time.

What happen during Lyft Prime Time?

So when there are more riders requesting rides and fewer drivers available on roads. Therefore Lyft will start prime time; in other words charging more fare from riders. Moreover riders can also wait till fare prices come back to normal. On the other hand when drivers see the active prime time; they go online and start driving.

So objective to achieve here is to motivate more drivers to join the streets and start picking rides. Those riders who really want to go they request rides in prime time; while others can wait for fare to come back to normal.

Throughout Lyft Prime Time Fare Prices Could be Double or Triple

Riders either can wait or pay more fare

Drivers will earn normal fare plus prime time price

Sometime prime time finishes quickly because eventually many drivers come online. Also some riders decided to wait. But truth to be told prime time is great opportunity to increase your earnings and earn extra while driving the same distance.

Identify & make more with Lyft Prime Time

Whenever there is active prime time, you will see percentage of prime time on top of Lyft driver app. Moreover map on Lyft app turn into red, also called heat map. Additionally the darker the heat map, the more prime time.

Tip: while driving if you are close to prime time area, you may go offline and once you reach middle of prime time zone go online again. This will make sure to get ride with prime time rate. Moreover you can also skip any ride that come without prime time, so probably the next ride will be with prime time.

You can expand your income when you complete numerous rides with prime time. Hence when rides come you will see prime time rate on screen. In the event that you don’t see prime time rate, its simply mean that the rider is out of prime time zone. However it happens at some point while you are in prime time zone, yet you get ride out of prime time zone.

Lyft fare calculation with prime time rate

Lyft prime time is calculated on base of fare and plus % of prime time. Moreover Lyft prime time rate could be minimum 10% to maximum 250% or more. So your total earning for single ride will be basic fare plus percentage of prime time rate.

Lyft Prime Time Earning: Fare + Prime Time Percentage

In fact $20 could go up to $60 or $40.

prime time calculation

Above example of ride with 50% prime time, $30.78 extra fare of prime time.

For example you pick a ride with 100% prime time rate; therefore your total earning will be double. Let’s say your total fare was $20 for that particular ride. So $20 plus 100% of $20 which $20, therefore $20+$20= $40. Similarly if prime time rate is 50% then 50% of $20 is $10, so $20 + $10 = $30.

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Lyft prime time Areas in Toronto GTA

So you have learned about prime time and we know how can make while driving during prime time hours. Moreover in order to hit prime time rate you should drive during peak hours, bad weather, weekend’s night and special events.

Lyft Prime Time

GTA Lyft Prime Time Heat Map

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