Lyft Promo Code Canada For Free Rides & Credit

Lyft Promo Code Canada

Lyft Promo Code for New Rider Signup in Toronto Ottawa, Canada

First of all Lyft is a ride share service in Canada just like an Uber. In fact it is easy and cheap ride option across the GTA and Ottawa. Either you have business meeting or heading to downtown for fun you can count on Lyft. Moreover how Lyft promo code will get you free rides and credit. Currently Lyft is available in Toronto GTA and Ottawa.

If you haven’t try Lyft yet, then it’s time to join Lyft with Lyft promo code. All new Lyft rider account activation will receive $20 Lyft credit instantly. Additionally Lyft will credit your account with $50 to $100 depend on Lyft’s ongoing promotion.

Lyft Promo Code Canada: 50CANADA

Lyft Promo Code Toronto: CN50

Promo Code Ottawa: OTTAWA250

Lyft’s Promo Code for Free Rides and Credit Canada

50$ Lyft Credit Valid Promo Code: 70CANADA

Click on above link to claim you bonus and free rides. Once you click on link it will ask you to enter your phone number and get your free credit towards your first rides in Toronto GTA and Ottawa.


Simply enter your phone number and click on Download and Claim button.

Moreover if you can already download the Lyft App, you can simply enter promo code in Lyft app.

Latest Rider Signup Lyft Promo Code for Canada

Additionally signing up with Lyft promo code is best practice. In the first place you will get instant credit together with free rides. Moreover since Lyft started their services recently in Canada, therefore in order to get valuable riders Lyft offers extra credit.

For instance you got $20 credit instantly in the first place. Once you used your credit and you have no more free rides or credit. There are high chances that Lyft will give you additional credit of $50. In other words you will get $5 discount on 10 additional rides.

  • 70CANADA
  • OTTAWA250
  • 50CANADA
  • CN50

Lyft Promo Code Canada

You might be thinking that how to get Lyft first free ride in Canada. Perhaps you maybe searing Lyft promo code Canada for first ride. Well don’t worry you are at right place; we got plenty of Lyft free ride promo codes as well as coupons and discount codes. Many people have reported that they have gotten $100 extra credit and so.

Lyft Coupon Code Canada: CANADA60



Furthermore as a Lyft driver in Toronto, one of my riders told me that she got $50 extra credit amount in the first place. She said she thought once she redeem that she will not use Lyft anymore. But once her extra credit amount is over because usually there is an expiration date, Lyft gave her another $50 credit amount. So she can use it again for further 10 rides.

So where you can get Lyft ride in Canada? Well currently Lyft is available in City of Toronto and Greater Toronto Area as well as in Ottawa ON. So in there two great Canadian cities you will get Lyft ride within minutes; because thousands of drivers already joined the Lyft. Once you request you first Lyft free ride or just normal Lyft ride you will get matched nearby driver.

Lyft Promo Code Toronto

Moreover Lyft promo code Toronto is good for get first free ride in Canada. In fact we have special Lyft coupon code for Toronto; use promo code TORONTO120 to get Lyft’s first free ride. Furthermore you will receive more credit from Lyft lately.

Lyft Coupon Code Toronto: 60TORONTO

Lyft is very active and busy in City of Toronto; in fact many riders now prefer Lyft instead of other ride-share service. There could be multiple reasons that why riders in Toronto are now prefer Lyft; it could be Lyft’s ongoing free rides and discount ride promotion, low fare and friendly drivers.

Moreover you will get Lyft ride quickly when you order it in City of Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan or Markham. Because there are many Lyft driver are on road 24/7; so will not have to wait long enough to get ride. Also with Skip the dishes coupon code you can order food ; get big discount when you use  skip the dishes coupon code canada.

One of most important thing which I believe is main cause of Lyft’s popularity is their great customer service. In fact Lyft treat their driver and riders as a community and solve their concerns very quickly.

Lyft Promo Code Ottawa

Besides Toronto Lyft is also available in Ottawa ON. Therefore you can request Lyft ride in Ottawa; moreover with Lyft promo code Ottawa you can get first free ride free in Ottawa. Basically when you signup with Lyft coupon code Ottawa for new Lyft user; you will get Lyft first ride free. Hence use Lyft coupon code for new Lyft user in order to get Lyft first free ride in Ottawa. In fact we have Lyft discount coed for you; simply use Lyft free ride promo code “Ottawa250”.

Lyft Credit Code Ottawa: 5OTTAWA

Lyft Ottawa ON
Lyft Availability in Ottawa ON

Utilizing Lyft Promo Code

As mentioned above you can claim free rides and credit once you download the Lyft app. All you have to do is to click on any of coupon code and it will take you to download the app and claim your free credit.  Besides you can also manually download Lyft app from store, create your account and apply Lyft coupon code inside the Lyft app.

Hence to automatically apply the promo code and download app follow the link: Canada60

Similarly to download Lyft app manually:

You can download Lyft app via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Similarly you can download APP from Lyft website directly.

Create Lyft Account Profile, Apply Promo Code:

After downloading and installing the Lyft app on your cell phone the next step is to apply promo code. It is important to apply promo code before requesting your first ride.

In order to create you Lyft account profile you may have to provide your personal information; such as name, phone number, email, and payment info (credit card). The process can be completed easily in few minutes, just follow in app instruction to complete your profile.

Finally once you have your profile completed and provide all the necessary information, now you are ready to request your first ride. But don’t forget since you are doing manual procedure, therefore you have to insert coupon code.

Hence to apply Lyft Credit Code follow these simple steps:

  • Open Lyft App
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • In the menu Tap on Promo
Lyft coupon Code Toronto
Apply Lyft coupon Code in Lyft’s App.

You can see in promo “Enter Promo Code” you can add Lyft coupon code there. Simply use any of valid Lyft credit code. For instance you can use Lyft “70CANADA”,”CANADA500”,” TORONTO60”. Type promo code and apply.

Lyft Ride Fare:

Want to know how much simple Lyft ride will cost you? first of all Lyft is cheapest ride option in Toronto; moreover if you are going to use promo code then it will be only few buck or might be free. In fact approximately 8 km ride in downtown will be around $10. You may learn more about Lyft fare pricing in Toronto and how much Lyft ride will cost you in Toronto?

Lyft Promo for Drivers

Besides Lyft promo for riders, Lyft is also offering great promo for drivers. One of the Lyft’s great offer is Driver Referral Signup Bonus in Canada. Hence Toronto drivers will get $500 signup bonus. On the other hand $300 bonus will be giver to Ottawa drivers. Moreover to learn how to become Lyft driver in Canada? read main reasons to become Lyft driver.

Start your Lyft driver application process with following links:

Signup Now Lyft Driver Toronto Invite Code: CANADA500

Signup Now Lyft Driver Ottawa Referral Code: OTTAWA250

Moreover besides referral bonus Lyft drivers in Canada can make more money with number of Lyft driver promotion in Canada. For instance Lyft Prime Time, Lyft Streak Bonus, Lyft Power Zones, Driver Referral, Weekly ride challenge, Lyft AMP Bonus and Lyft Passenger Referral.


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