Lyft Promotions for Drivers in Canada

Type of Lyft Promotions for Drivers in Canada

After successfully launching Lyft rideshare services in Canada, we have seen lot of people getting huge amount of Lyft credit, free rides with Lyft promo code canada and other type of Lyft promotion in Canada. In fact Lyft promotions are great opportunity for Lyft drivers and Lyft riders to try their platform.

For instance Lyft offer instantly $20 free credit for new signup with Lyft promo code. Moreover Lyft also offer extra credit of $30, $50 or $100. So anyone can sign up to Lyft, request their first ride and try Lyft. Although, the bonus amount of free credit and bonus may vary by each city. Moreover it is depend on time of promo code application.

Additionally there are lot of Lyft promotions are available for Lyft driver. First of all, any new driver who will sign up with driver referral code will get driver signup bonus. In fact the bonus amount was offered in Canada was from $150 to $1000.

Besides there are many other valuable Lyft offers are available for divers. These offers include Lyft Streak Bonus, Lyft Prime Time, Weekly Ride Challenge and Guaranteed, Power Zones, Driver and Passenger Referral Program.

Top Lyft Promotions for Lyft Drivers and Riders in Canada

  • Free Rides & Credit Bonus
  • Streak Bonus
  • Lyft Prime Time
  • Passenger Referral Bonus
  • Driver Referral Bonus
  • Lyft Power Zones
  • Lyft Weekly Ride Challenge
  • Weekly Guaranteed

Lyft Free Rides & Credit Bonus for New Rider Signup in Canada

So you are thinking to request Lyft for your next ride, well its good thought! Why not give it a try. Therefore together with Lyft promo code you will get $20 credit instantly and potentially up to $100 free credit. So every ride you request you will get $5 off.

Signup with Lyft Promo Code

Promo Code: PROMO120

For instance, if you get $50 free credit then you will get $5 off per ride up to 10 rides. Similarly if you get $30 credit you will get $3 off per ride up to 10 rides.

Note: The signup bonus amount of free credit and bonus may vary by each area. Moreover it is depend on time of promo code applied. (Subject to Lyft Terms)

Lyft Streak Bonus

Besides Lyft driver signup bonus, Lyft Streak Bonus is an extra reward Lyft promotions for drivers when the stay online and accept back to back trip requests. Simply stay online during streak bonus hours and accept all incoming rides in order to get streak reward.  Moreover streak bonus reward amount could be $5 to $25.

Furthermore in order to successfully receive the streak reward, you have to complete X no of rides during streak bonus activation hours.

For example, if today starting from 5pm Lyft streak bonus is $20, when you accept and complete 4 rides in row. Moreover there are some rules that you must follow, such as don’t go offline, don’t cancel the ride, don’t miss the ride request etc

Although Lyft streak bonus is not always active. Usually it happen during busy and rush hours. You will get in app notification when streak bonus is active. You can also check upcoming streak bonus schedule in Lyft driver app.

Prime Time Lyft Surge

If you are an Uber driver then you must know Uber surge. Similarly Lyft prime time is Lyft’s surging system and it gets activate during high rides demand.  Hence when demand of rides increase and fewer drivers are on road to accept all those rides, then you will see Lyft prime time.

Lyft prime time can be seen on Lyft driver app, the red tiles on map screen show which part of city is with active prime time. It is called heat map, darker the color mean more prime time rate.

Moreover riders have to pay more fare during prime time, because of driver shortage. As a results driver make more money during prime time. For example %50 prime time means you will get %50 more fare with normal fare price. Let’s say you pick a ride with 50% prime time, if total fare is $20, so add 50% which is $10, so you total earning will be $30.

Base Fare + Prime Time Pricing | $20 + $10 = $30

Passenger Referral Bonus

Making some extra money through referral is wonderful opportunity for Lyft drivers. In fact each new user you refer toward Lyft, either a rider or a driver, you will get referral bonus.

Additionally in Canada rider referral bonus amount is $10 to $20 for each new rider referral. Although it is not very huge bonus amount, but with some creativity you can earn decent bonus amount. You may run your own blog or website and share your Lyft promotions or referral code on social media.

In fact in the beginning the passenger referral bonus amount was $20 in Canada. However, currently the rider referral amount is reduced to $10 in Canada.

Driver Referral Bonus for Lyft Drivers

Besides passenger referral bonus, you may refer anyone to join Lyft as a driver and both of you will receive bonus. Lyft driver referral bonus amount could be from $200 to $1000 in Canada. Moreover driver referral bonus amount can be drip referral or fixed.

What is drip referral bonus? Actually drip referral bonus is type of bonus that guarantees the both parties will get percentage of bonus amount. For instance if currently (drip referral) driver referral bonus in Toronto is $500, referrer and new driver both parties will receive $2.5 per ride as a bonus. Moreover new driver have one month to make maximum up to $500 as bonus.

However driver referral bonus in form of fixed amount is fixed amount bonus; only receive one new driver complete X no of rides in given time (i.e. one month). For example in Ottawa if driver completes one hundred rides in a month, both parties will receive $300 bonus.

Driver Referral Bonus Amount in Toronto, Canada

Jul 2018: $500 Signup Bonus (drip referral)

Jun2018: $150 Signup Bonus

May 2018: $600 Signup Bonus

Feb 2018: $500 Signup Bonus

Mid Feb 2018: $1000 Signup Bonus

Feb 2018: $600 Signup Bonus

Jan 2018: $400 Signup Bonus

Lyft Power Zones

Lyft Power Zone is reward bonus from Lyft for eligible drivers. In fact Lyft is offering Power Zones only in some cities. Moreover it is simple way to earn extra on each ride during power zone hours. However Lyft offers Power zones during specific times only.

Increasing your earnings with Power Zone is very simple. Just pick the ride from inside the power zone area and you will get +20% to 200% additional charge.

Below is example of Lyft Power Zone in Toronto, Canada.

In the above example, Lyft is putting forth +30% surges in downtown from 7 pm to 10 pm. So your $10 ride will be 10+ 30%= $13. Additionally if the Lyft prime time is higher than the power zone value you will get higher prime time rate. (i.e. if power zone is 30% prime time rate is +50%, then you will get the higher rate which is +50%. 10 + 50% = 15)

If Lyft is offering power zone in your city, you might get an email or in application message about power zones. Furthermore you can also view if there are any power zones in your area. To check power zones go to Earning tab.

Lyft Weekly Ride Challenge

Another Lyft driver’s reward program is Lyft weekly ride challenge. Moreover it is personalized earning opportunity for each and specific driver. In fact Lyft offers Lyft weekly ride challenge reward in two tires, which is X amount of bonus when you complete Y no of rides.

Simply complete required no of rides and earn $50 to $100 bonus.

However weekly challenge is not always available and it is different for each driver. For example, if my Lyft weekly ride challenge is; $50 bonus when I complete 30 rides. It might be $60 for you or maybe less.

Lyft Weekly Guaranteed

If you think you will not make enough while driver with Lyft, then with Weekly Guaranteed you don’t have to worry about it. Because with weekly guaranteed Lyft promotion Lyft will make sure that you make certain amount of money while driving. If for some reason your earnings are lower than average numbers then Lyft will pay you the difference.

Below is Weekly Guaranteed example in Toronto GTA, Canada.

Lyft Promotions Lyft Weekly Guaranteed
Lyft Promotions Lyft Weekly Guaranteed

Driver with Confidence! Earn Less? No worries Lyft will cover the difference!

In this example of Lyft weekly guaranteed earnings in Toronto GTA; Lyft is offering $240 guaranteed earnings in 25 rides. Moreover this $240 does not include HST, Tips, Toll and any other bonus amount, so including HST the guaranteed amount will be approximately $270 in 25 trips.

Hence Lyft will make sure that an average each trip should be $11, so you can meet the $270 amount. Besides if after 25 trips your earning is lower than $270, Lyft will cover the difference.

For example in worst case if you made $125 in 25 rides (each ride $5); then Lyft will pay you an extra $145 as weekly guaranteed.

Lyft Weekly Guaranteed program is also offered in selected areas. The basic idea behind this lyft promotions is to urge drivers to stick with Lyft without worrying about earnings. Moreover it is good for those drivers who think that the will not make much from Lyft, therefore with weekly guaranteed amount they can driver with confidence.


In the end I would say that Lyft drivers can make good income with Lyft promotions. In fact starting with signup bonus along with combination of rider referral, prime time, power zones, weekly guaranteed, weekly challenge and Lyft streak bonus; drivers can boost their income significantly.

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