Lyft Streak Bonus FAQ , Rules, Tips, Faqs, Example & Why Lyft offer Streak Bonus?

FAQs, Rules Tips and Example of Lyft Streak Bonus.

What is Lyft Streak Bonus?

In fact bonus or rewards are always appreciated by Lyft drivers. Moreover making little bit extra money while driving is always great pleasure. Besides Lyft driver referral and passenger referral bonus; Lyft Streak bonus is additional reward for drivers.

Lyft streak bonus is for those drivers who stay online and continue pricking all trip requests. However Lyft Streak Bonus is not that much big amount but with your driving earnings, you can make overall decent amount. Moreover in Canada Lyft streak bonus is seen from minimum $5 to maximum $25 when you pick and complete 3 to 5 rides in row.

lyft streak bonus canada

For instance starting Saturday 5 pm to 7 pm Lyft Streak Bonus is $25 for 5 rides in row. Thus you should simply to pick your first passenger between 5 to 7 pm; keeping driving and accept all ride calls; till you finish 5 rides. Hence you will get $25 extra money as a Lyft Streak Bonus on finishing of fifth ride.

There is no doubt that Lyft Streak Bonus play great role throughout; and will impact your total earning. Therefore is it important for Lyft driver do driver during Streak Bonus and don’t miss the great earning opportunity.

Simply stick to Lyft, complete required number of trips in row and earn Lyft streak bonus. Lyft offer different types of streak bonus, bonus amount may vary for each region. In Canada Lyft offers minimum $5 and maximum $25 as a Lyft Streak Bonus. Moreover Streak bonus often active during busy commute time in order to keep the rides demands flow smooth.

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General question about Lyft Streak Bonus; why Lyft offer, Rules, Tips, Faqs and Examples

In order to understand Lyft streak bonus, you must know the basic rules and some tips. So you can successfully earn Lyft streak bonus and maximize your earnings. Therefore to learn more about streak bonus read the following topics:

  • Why Streak Bonus is offered?
  • How to know about Streak Bonus?
  • Tips to Successfully Earn Lyft Streak Bonus
  • What are Lyft Streak Bonus Rules?
  • Faq about Lyft Streak Bonus

Why Streak Bonus is offered?

First of all any rewards that rideshare organizations offers have their own points and objectives. For instance one of Lyft program Prime Time reward or high cost rides just begin when there is more rides request and less drivers on street. As result more drivers start driving and go online; it will keep the rider and drivers ratio in balance. Besides there are also other reward programs that Lyft offers such as Lyft driver signup bonus, rider referral and lyft promo code for free rides.

Correspondingly Lyft Streak Bonus which is generally they offer during peak hours, in fact prime time is also usually active in peak hours. Thus when driver realizes that they will get streak reward, hence they won’t skip single ride. Since you can’t skip or drop the ride; if you cancel or skip the ride, you wouldn’t get streak reward.

We can say that Lyft Streak reward is Lyft practice to keep drivers with their platform; with bonus offer. Also not offering decision to drivers to skip or drop the ride. Therefore when more driver stay with Lyft; and as we know in order to earn reward driver can’t go offline can’t skip or cancel the ride. Ultimately it will help Lyft to keep their service network smooth and they can offer reliable services to riders.

How to know about Streak Bonus?

When you open Lyft driver app; you can clearly see on top of screen if there is any Lyft Streak Bonus is active. However it will only display the streak bonus which is active right now. Therefore in order to know about upcoming streaks, you should check complete schedule.

It is important to know when next streak bonus is coming, so when you make your driving schedule you must drive during streak bonus hours.

Lyft streak bonus

If you want to check complete schedule of streak bonus; tap of earning tab in Lyft app. Go to view schedule under streak bonus. A weekly detail streak bonus schedule will be there. So check and make sure to driver during streak bonus hours.

Tips to Successfully Earn Lyft Streak Bonus

First of all there are no special eligibility criteria for you to qualify for Lyft streak bonus. Second you don’t even have to do anything different other than routine driving. In fact it is just simple driving and accepting first ride within streak bonus hour.

There are some tips to complete the required no of rides quickly:

  • Be prepaid before starting
  • Driver in main city or very busy area.
  • If you know the area where usually you get Lyft line (pool) rides; aim that area because each pool count single ride.
  • Aim for short rides, although you don’t have control over that but use your experience. For instance in the morning Toronto downtown usually people don’t go far.

Once you complete required number of rides; the streak bonus is yours.  But don’t forget there are some rules to follow; if you break any rule, it will break streak and you wouldn’t get any bonus.

What are Lyft Streak Bonus Rules?

The Lyft’s objective behind streak bonus is to keep the rides demand flow smooth. Moreover they achieve that by forcing drivers to stay online, accept all rides, not allow canceling, and keeping driving once no of rides completed.

Hence below are some basic rules for Lyft Streak Bonus:

  • You should accept first trip during active streak hours.
  • Keep your account online;
  • If you go offline it will break the streak reward.
  • Don’t skip any ride; it will also break the streak bonus.
  • When you finish required rides, you will get streak reward.

In other words to get streak bonus it is simple driving; accepting and completing all incoming rides. Furthermore below there are some scenarios when streak is break and you will not receive any streak bonus amount.

  • Going offline will break the streak bonus.
  • Missing any incoming ride will also break streak.
  • After accepting you cancel the trip.
  • Moving too slow i.e. if you are stuck in traffic and passenger gets rematch to other driver. It will also break the streak.

Lyft Streak Bonus Driving Scenario Example:

Let’s driver in active streak bonus hours and earn streak bonus.  First of all to make sure that streak bonus is active look for notification. Hence there is active streak bonus; “$20 for 5 rides in row”.  However it could be different bonus at any given time.

Let’s say there is “$15 streak bonus for 3 rides”. So we go online and wait for ride. You will see streak bonus ride counter will appear.

lyft streak bonus counter lyft streak bonus counter checked

You got one ride you accept the ride, pick and complete. The counter checked one ride. Although there are two more rides remaining to get streak bonus.After some time we have completed all three rides. The counter will display all check sign and disappear.

lyft streak bonus completed

However if there is still time left for streak bonus it will come again. For example the streak bonus given time was 4 pm to 6 pm and you completed 3 rides at 5pm. So you earn one streak bonus and can earn another if you keep driving, as long as you follow the strike bonus rules.

FAQ Lyft Streak Bonus

Q: What is Lyft Streak Bonus amount is Canada?

A: According to multiple Toronto drivers, Lyft offers minimum $5 to maximum $25 in Canada.

Q: How to check Lyft Streak Bonus schedule?

A: To view Lyft Streak Bonus go to Earnings in Lyft app. Under streak bonus follow view schedule.

Q: How Lyft line rides counted in Lyft Streak Bonus?

A: Each line ride is counted separately toward streak bonus.  For instance if on single Lyft line ride you did three stops and pick three passengers then it will count three rides toward streak.

Q: How to check Lyft Streak Bonus earnings report?

A: Once you complete requires numbers of rides, you will get Lyft streak bonus amount in last trip. For instance you completed 5 rides to get $25 streak bonus. Therefore check the 5th ride details you will see bonus amount added to total fare.

Q: Can I earn more than one Lyft Streak Bonus?

A: Yes you can earn more the one streak bonus. If you complete first streak and still have time to pick another ride; As long as you pick the ride within allotted streak hours.

Q: What about if I cannot complete required rides within given time?

A: You only have to pick first ride within given time after that take as much time you need to complete required numbers of rides.

Q: What about if rider cancels the ride?

A: Don’t worry about that if passenger cancels ride, there will be no effect on your streak bonus. But ride will not be counted.


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