Lyft Weekly Ride Challenge

Lyft Weekly Ride Challenge

Besides much other Lyft promotion in Canada, Lyft weekly ride challenge is an additional reward program for Lyft drivers. In fact it is uniquely designed earning opportunity for each driver. Moreover Lyft weekly ride challenge might be different for each driver.
However of course as a matter of fact that any earning through reward or bonus is always appreciated by drivers. Hence with weekly ride challenge, simply fulfill the requirements and get your ride challenge bonus.
Moreover Lyft weekly ride challenge reward comes in 2 tiers, for instance complete X numbers of trips and get Y amount of bonus. Let’s say in first tire complete 30 rides for $50 bonus; in second tier complete 40 rides and get $70 bonus.

The Basic Process:

Simply complete required no of rides and earn $50 to $100 bonus. Moreover bonus will be added automatically into your weekly earnings.

Lyft Weekly Ride Challenge Example Canada:

In the picture below, it is Lyft weekly ride challenge example from Toronto Canada. We can clearly see the two tier of bonus amount and required rides. in the first tier total 43 rides are required to earn $77 bonus. Similarly in second tier of Lyft weekly ride challenge bonus 32 rides must be completed in order to get $45 bonus.

Additionally to check your weekly ride challenge bonus; open Lyft driver’s app. Next Tap on  Earnings; scroll down to Weekly Ride Challenge.

Lyft weekly ride challenge

Type of Lyft Rides and Weekly Ride Challenge

Similar to Lyft streak bonus, each Lyft line will be counted single ride. If you picked three passengers during single Lyft line trip, it will be counted 3 rides. In fact if you get more Lyft line riders in single trip, then you will complete Lyft Weekly Ride Challenge quickly.
Moreover sometimes Lyft’s doesn’t offer weekly challenge and it might be different value for each driver. For instance, if I am getting $60 bonus when I complete 30 rides as Lyft weekly ride challenge, it might be $50 for other driver.

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