Signup Lyft Driver in Canada & Start with Signup Bonus

Quick Steps to Signup Lyft Driver, Signup Process to Become Lyft Driver in Canada

Lyft is one of main Uber’s competitors; recently they have successfully launched their services in Toronto & Ottawa Canada. Hence Lyft services are available in Toronto GTA and Ottawa Canada. In fact you can get Lyft’s ride easily in Toronto, Vaughan, Hamilton, Oshawa, Mississauga, Brampton and GTA areas. In fact Lyft hit the Canada with number of promotions. Moreover these promotions included Signup Lyft Driver Bonus, Lyft Streak Bonus, Lyft Guaranteed Earnings and Lyft Promo for New Rider Signup Bonus. Hence as a result number of Uber drivers signup to Lyft and become Lyft driver.

Lyft is also fully licensed ride-share service in Canada and USA, just like any other rideshare service. Furthermore according to some Uber riders Lyft is cheaper. Therefore Lyft is becoming the most affordable ride option in GTA.

Join Lyft as Driver and Get Signup Bonus

Signup Lyft Driver Toronto Invite Code: CANADA500

Signup Lyft Driver Ottawa Referral Code: OTTAWA250


Why should Signup Lyft Driver and become Lyft driver:

Lyft has started picking up pretty well in Canada. As we can see heat map in Driver Lyft App, it is getting busy especially in Toronto GTA. Moreover for Uber or Lyft drivers in Canada can make more while driving for both simultaneously. Hence you don’t have to wait long enough to get trip requests.

Furthermore some of main reasons to join Lyft:

Apply to Signup Lyft Driver with Signup Bonus

Driver signup bonus is great advantages for new drivers. Simply signup with referral code and earn driver signup bonus.

Driver signup bonus amount could be from $300 to $1500, depending on in which city you will be driving.

Signup Lyft Driver in Canada

Currently in Canada driver referral bonus amount is: $500 in Toronto & $300 in Ottawa.

Driver Referral Bonus Amount Toronto GTA: $500

You will earn an additional @ $2.50 for every ride that you will give in first 30 days and up to 200 rides. So maximum amount you can earn as a Driver referral bonus is $500.

Moreover in Toronto Lyft driver signup bonus is drip referral type bonus. Basically Drip referrals are a type of bonus that ensure the driver will receive a percentage of the bonus, even if the total number of rides are not met.

For instance, if you are just part time driver or for some other reasons you weren’t able to driver full time. So you just provide 50 rides in first 30 days. Then you will get an extra 50×2.5= $125 as a bonus. Hence more you drive in first 30 days, more bonus amount you can secure.

Signup Lyft Driver Toronto Invite Code: CANADA500

Lyft Driver Signup Referral Bonus Amount OTTAWA: $300

For Lyft drivers in Ottawa, Lyft driver referral amount is $300. All you have to do is to complete X no of trips in Y no of days.

For instance, currently Lyft is offering $300 bonus when you complete 100 trips in your first 30 days of driving.

Signup Lyft Driver Ottawa Referral Code: OTTAWA250

Lyft Driver Referral Bonus Amount Updated on 21 JUL 2018.

Important Note: Lyft Often change driver referral bonus amount, although we try our best to keep the latest bonus figures. Moreover in order to eligible for referral bonus, you must be approved within 30 days once you start signup process. Therefore make sure you fulfill Lyft requirements and have all the required documents handy.

Therefore become Lyft driver in Canada and get Lyft driver signup bonus, rider referral bonus. Moreover you can earn more with Tips (Lyft Tips in Toronto), Lyft Prime Time Rate, Lyft Streak Bonus, Weekly Ride Challenge and Weekly Guarantee.

Basic Steps to Become Lyft Driver in Canada

So finally you are here to start the Lyft driver application process. Are you wondering how to begin Lyft driver application process? What are Lyft requirements and what documents are required?

Steps to become Lyft driver:

  • Meet the Lyft Requirements (Car, Driver’s Age, and Licenses Type etc.)
  • List of Required Documents for Lyft Driver in Canada.
  • Start Signup process and upload all required documents.
  • Pass the Background Check
  • Approved
  • PTC (private transportation company) License
  • Apply for HST/GST number

Basic Requirements for Lyft Driver Canada (Toronto or Ottawa ON):

  • Age: You must be at least 21 years old
  • Driving License: Must have Full G License (Valid Ontario G License)
  • Car: You Vehicle must meet minimum Lyft vehicle requirement (See Lyft Car Requirements)

List of Required Documents for Lyft Driver in Canada:

It is very important that before beginning the signup process make sure you have all the documents ready.  You will be expected to upload following document:

  • Yours driving license (Full G Licence or equivalent A valid Ontario Driver’s License).
  • Work Eligibility Proof (PR Card, Passport, SIN Card, Work Permit etc.)
  • Paper of Vehicle Registration Proof.
  • Pink Slip of Vehicle Insurance or Temporary Slip.
  • Proof of Vehicle Inspection (Safety Standards Certificate).

It is best to make these required documents prepared before beginning Lyft’s driver application, you may take pictures from your cell or on the other hand you can scan them on pc if it’s easy for you. Because you will be uploading these documents to Lyft’s site, so just be prepared and make sure you have all the required documents before you begin your Lyft’s driver application.

Besides, in order to speed up the Lyft driver signup process. There are some points you may keep in mind so your documents will get approved fast. Moreover it will help to prevent you documents to get rejected.

To make your Lyft driver application process smooth and fast. Here are a few points to remember when you take photos of the documents.

  • Documents Clarity: Make sure you have clear pictures; easily readable, not blurry or too dark.
  • Documents Expiry Dates: Make sure all documents are valid, check expiry dates.
  • Full Picture: Cover the 4 corners of the document in picture.
  • Correct Upload: Upload correct document to correct place.(i.e. not to upload driving license in place of insurance)

Start Lyft Driver Application Signup Process and Upload Required Documents:

As discussed above simply signup with Lyft driver referral code and earn signup bonus. Moreover when you sign up with driver referral code in Canada, you will get signup bonus from Lyft. The most recent bonus amount is paying $500 in Toronto, and $300 in Ottawa.

Start your Lyft driver application process with following links:

Signup Now Lyft Driver Toronto Invite Code: CANADA500

Signup Now Lyft Driver Ottawa Referral Code: OTTAWA250

Note: Latest Bonus in Toronto is $500, and $300 in Ottawa. Updated 21 July 2018

Click on the above links to begin the signup process; you will redirect to Lyft website. You will fill out the small form and follow the step by step instruction.

Next you will upload required documents.

Again you are required to upload following documents:

  • Vehicle Inspection Report- Safety Standards Certificates
  • Valid G or Higher Class Driving License
  • Proof of Vehicle Registration
  • Pink slip of Insurance or Temp Insurance paper (Auto Insurance, Full or Liability Coverage )
  • Yours Photo (upload nice photo as riders can see your picture when they request ride, so have a decent look)
  • Proof of Work Eligibility (PR Card, Passport, Citizenship Card, Work Permit)

Lyft Background Check

Mostly background screening process is done automatically by Lyft. In fact you don’t have to do anything for background process. Although once you upload all documents and complete the signup process, you might get an email about your background check.

In fact it will be done by Lyft’s third party background check provider. Sometime you may be asked to follow any special instructions.  For instance provide additional document to confirm identity etc.

PTC (Private Transportation Company) Driving License

By law to be a Lyft driver in Toronto or Ottawa, you must have PTC Driver’s License. In fact all rideshare services drivers in City of Toronto and City of Ottawa are required to have valid PTC license.

Furthermore City of Toronto doesn’t issue PTC License directly to individual. Therefore Lyft will initiate the application process on your behalf. Additionally you must meet the City’s License requirements. To read more about PTC license visit PTC Toronto and PTC Ottawa.

GST/HST Registration for Rideshare Driver

Being a Lyft driver you work as an independent contractor or self-employed.  Similarly when you are self-employed or independent contractor, you to charge and remit HST to Canada Revenue Agency. In fact any income you generate through rideshare service is considered self-employment.

Moreover Lyft will collect HST from riders on every ride and give it to you. It is your responsibility to report HST when you file taxes. Furthermore Lyft will also pay you HST on referral and bonus.

Therefore you have to obtain HST number from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). Learn Lyft Tax Requirements in Canada.

More information to register for HST/GST Account.


Once you upload all required documents, Lyft will review all of your documents, initiate background screening process. Therefore if you meet the entire required document, Lyft will activate your account and you can start driving.

Congratulation you are now Lyft driver in Canada.

To check your application status follow the:

Important Lyft Promotions for Drivers:

Currently Lyft is offering various types of promotions in Canada. Moreover these Lyft promo are Lyft Streak Bonus, Lyft Power Zone, Lyft Prime Time, Driver Referral, Passenger Referral Bonus. It is important for you to understand them so you can make extra. You may need to read main reasons to become Lyft driver.

With Streak Bonus: Pick X no of rides in row and get $10 to $25.

Driving in Lyft Power Zones: Simply Pick ride within power zones and earn extra +20% to %200.

During busy time Lyft Prime Time : Lyft’s surge price earn up to 200% extra fare price on per ride.

Lyft AMP Bonus driver with AMP device and earn more per ride.

Lyft for New Riders:

Lyft is now available  in Toronto GTA and Ottawa; its your time to signup with Lyft promo code Canada and get $20 Lyft ride credit. Lyft is very affordable ride option in Canada; check out Lyft fare pricing in Toronto and how much Lyft ride will cost you in Toronto?


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