Signup to Become Uber Driver in Canada

Signup to Become Uber Driver in Canada

Complete Guide to Become Uber Driver in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary & Edmonton Canada

Become Uber Driver be your own boss; work when you like; driver as much you want. Become Uber driver in Canada and simply divining around the city and make extra cash is something that no one will refuse. In fact nowadays Uber is full time job for many drivers. So wondering how to join and become Uber driver; process and required documents; we will talk about how to become Uber driver in Canada and Uber driver signup process.

However you might be wondering what are Uber benefits and why would you become Uber driver. Hence there are some main reasons to become Uber driver in Canada.

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Why You Would Become Uber Driver

Working as an Uber driver is great experience and earning opportunity. Besides making great money with Uber; you also have great control over timetable. You can set your own working hours, driver when you want, take break anytime.

Three main reasons to be an Uber driver:

  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility
  • Great Earnings


As an Uber driver in Canada; you are your own boss. You can earn as much you want and work as long you need. Moreover you can work part time or full time; either 1 hour or 12 hours a day. Furthermore you can stop at any time during the day, take a break or rest and can start again. In fact you have very much flexibility and control over your schedule.


Becoming an Uber driver in Canada and driving as Uber driver is very simple. First signup process is simple; all you have to do is to upload required documents and wait for approval. Second once your Uber account is active; just follow the Uber App. For instance Go online and accept rides; pick rider and drop to destination; get your fare and you will be paid weekly by direct deposit.

Great Earnings

No doubt you can make decent amount of money with Uber. In fact most of Uber drivers are happy with their earnings, however some claim they don’t make enough. Besides, your daily driving you might be able to make extra money with Uber Surge, Uber rider referral bonus, Uber driver referral bonus, Uber promotions and guaranteed surge.

Steps to Become Uber Driver in Canada

So you have decided to become Uber driver in Canada. Moreover Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal and Calgary are main cities to become Uber driver. Furthermore signup with Uber driver referral code and get signup bonus.

For instance in Toronto when you sign up with Uber driver referral code you will get $400 guaranteed earning bonus.

Uber driver signup process steps:

  • Fulfill Uber Requirements & Must have Required Documents (License, Age, Vehicle)
  • Signup with Referral and Submit Required Documents
  • Pass Background Security Checkup
  • Uber Partner Account Activation
  • Private Transportation License (PTC Driving License)
  • Register for HST/GST

Uber Driver Requirements & Required Documents

In order to be an Uber driver in Canada, you must meet Uber driver’s criteria; such as Age, License, Clear criminal record etc. Additionally you must have qualified car / vehicle to drive. So let’s talk about what you need to become Uber driver in Canada.

Additionally make sure before you start your Uber application; make sure you meet the general requirements and have all necessary required documents.

Uber Driver General Requirements:

  • Age: minimum 21 years old
  • Driving License: Full unrestricted provincial License (i.e. in Ontario G Class )
  • Vehicle: Must drive eligible vehicle
  • Clean criminal record
  • Good driving history; you should not have more than two minor infraction within last 3 years

Required Documents for Uber Application:

  • Driving License
  • Car Registration Proof
  • Proof of Car Insurance (personal insurance either full or 3rd party)
  • Vehicle Inspection’s Proof (Car’s Safety Certificate)
  • Work Eligibility Proof (Passport, PR Card, SIN, Work Permit)

Uber Driver’s Supplies & Gadgets

  • Smart Phone with Data Plan
  • Phone Mount (important for safety)
  • Cell Phone Charger
  • Uber Sticker
  • Winter Tires

In fact most of us are able to drive with Uber; however it is important to make sure you have all the required documents ready. Because once you start application process you will be expected to upload required documents.

Furthermore check all documents thoroughly; make sure it’s not expire or going to expire soon. It will help to get your documents approved fast and application process will smooth.

Things to Remember While Uploading Documents:

If you make mistake while uploading documents or any of your document is expiry; it will cause delay in Uber application process. Therefore keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure pictures are clear, readable, good brightness and not to dark or blurry
  • Your documents are not expired; so check expiry dates
  • Take picture with all four corners of documents
  • Upload Correct Document

Signup with Uber Driver Referral Code

It is important to sign up with Uber driver referral code; same as you do signup with Lyft Canada promo code however you can sign up without any referral code. But when you sign up with Lyft promo code; you will get signup bonus in form of guaranteed earnings.

For instance currently in Toronto Uber driver will get $400 guaranteed sign up bonus. Moreover guaranteed sign up bonus mean; Uber will make sure you make $400 in first 50 trips. If you can’t make $400 after completing 50 trips; Uber will cover the difference.

Signup to Drive in Toronto GTA & Get $400 Guaranteed Earning

Promo Code: EXDY5VJ8UE

Become Uber Driver Canada
Become Uber Driver Canada

If you make $300 in first 50 trips; Uber will pay you $100 bonus to make it $400.

Start Uber Application

In order to start your Uber application; Click above link and follow the instructions. You will fill simple forms; you will provide your personal information such as name, phone no, address etc

Moreover you will provide your vehicle information and upload required documents.

Pass Background Security Checkup

So you after signing up; you have submitted all the required documents. In fact you have completed your part. Uber will review all of your provided documents; if everything is good, they will start background screening process.

Sometimes Uber want you to visit their office (Greenlight Hub) so they can start the background screening process. Moreover you might get an email from Uber; requesting you to visit Greenlight Hub. Hence bring your driving license and another piece of ID. (I.e. credit card etc.)

Uber Partner (driver) Account Activation

If your car qualifies for Uber, you meet the entire requirements and provided all the documents. In fact background screening is final step toward your Uber account activation.

Therefore your Uber account will be activated once you pass background check.  Finally now you are able to pick rides. However you might need PTC license in order to pick rides from specific city.

Private Transportation License (PTC Driving License)

Private Transportation Company driving license is an additional requirement from City for driver to provide rideshare service. Moreover depending on your city you might need PTC driving license in order to involve in driving activity.

For instance in Greater Toronto Area, for City of Toronto, City of Mississauga and Town of Oakville the PTC license is required. However other than that you can pick ride out of these cities such as Vaughan, Markham, Brampton etc.

Moreover your vehicle must be seven years old model or newer to qualify for PTC driving license. In fact once your Uber account get activate; Uber will send PTC application on your behalf. You will get PTC license within 5 days. If you don’t get your PTC driving license within five business days, you might have to visit Uber office for help.

Register for HST/GST

In fact working as an Uber driver in Canada, your position is an independent contractor. Uber will collect HST/GST from passengers and add to your fare. Therefore you will be collecting HST and remit to CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

You need to get register with CRA; CRA will issue you HST/GST number. If you need to know more details about sales tax in Canada; Uber driver’s requirements, getting register for HST/GST, Collect, remit and filing HST/GST please read Uber TAX.

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